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School Management System

For small schools with limited budgets

Schools with limited budgets are constrained due to funds, which in turn leads to a lack of parental engagement and involvement. Most parents today rely on smartphones for communication. SchoolCues makes the process of reaching today's parent quick and easy.

SchoolCues also helps a school increase enrollment by helping the school reach out to the community with their superior and low-cost marketing system.

In today's whirlwind life, parents struggle to stay on top of all the school-related communications. And schools need to have responsive parents so that they can do their work efficiently and effectively. However, families are caught in the tug-of-war between work and family life.

The number of families with two working parents has significantly increased. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of dual-income families was about 66% in 2016. It is essential for schools then, to have an effective software for school management; one that will keep parents informed about their children's school-related activities and events.

For example, a quick reminder via a school administration program before an upcoming event can go a long way in helping parents stay on top of their child's important school activities.

Paper notifications from school are inadvertently tossed into the trash, or they get forgotten with other material brought home from school. Parents need content that is short, grabs their attention on their mobile phones via a school management app.

School Management System

Communication Module

The best software for school administration to engage with parents

With limited technology infrastructure and resources, small schools are constantly in search of that ideal solution to market to and engage with parents. There has been a rapid decline in web traffic as more users receive their content on mobile devices. What's a school to do?

Enter SchoolCues! A revolutionary schools management system, SchoolCues can send reminders via mass texting service for schools. Such messages are easy to access and read, saving school administrators valuable time and money. SchoolCues is not just for bulk text from school either. With its many parent communication and notification services, this online school management system software is a tool unlike any other, providing services such as mass text communication, class and teacher updates, parent conference schedulers, incident and accident reports, and auto school reminders among others.

Schoolcues school administrator software pricing

Paperless and online, SchoolCues' easy-to-maintain system is a platform for schools to host, track and manage student data. This easy-to-use online education software allows an educational institution to streamline the process of reporting data. All this comes at an attractive price for schools on a budget, starting from just $ 75.00 a month.

Schoolcues school management software pricing

Real reviews from real schools

Real reviews from real schools

SchoolCues is an innovative school administration and management software that maximizes parental involvement. For smaller schools struggling to save money and paper and transition to the mobile generation, SchoolCues is the low-cost leader.

Current users, ranging from private to Montessori schools, have seen great success in improving parent engagement through SchoolCues.

The director of a Montessori school in Arizona shared with us that:

"SchoolCues has made communicating with parents very quick, easy and convenient. Since using SchoolCues, the parents feel more involved and engaged with the school."

Additionally, the principal of a Chicago preparatory academy who uses SchoolCues says:

"The SchoolCues platform has been of great help to our school staff, teacher and parent community. The system is very easy to set up and it has greatly improved our communication with the parents. It is the best school software."


SchoolCues is the market leading provider of online school administrative software solutions for small schools. It is an all-in-one schools information management system which streamlines school administration, parental engagement and school communications along with online payments for tuition, admissions and enrollment. This low-cost system offers everything a small school would need to communicate, manage student information and engage parents. This integrated school administration and management software allows parents to engage with their schools on the web, via email and a mobile app.

For more information on how to integrate this intelligent online school administrative software and increase parental engagement in your school in the mobile age, visit the SchoolCues website at