With the ubiquity of mobile devices, it’s no surprise that school districts are increasingly looking into using mobile notifications as a way to communicate with students and parents. While there are some potential drawbacks to consider, there are also many scenarios where mobile notifications would be handy for schools. Here are eight examples:

#1: Snow Days

In some parts of the country, snow days are a reality. And while they may be exciting for students, they can be a nightmare for parents who have to scramble to find childcare. With school mobile notifications, schools could let parents know about a snow day as soon as the decision is made, giving them plenty of time to make alternate arrangements.

#2: Early Dismissals

Early dismissals are another common occurrence in many schools. A notification should be sent out a few days before an early dismissal is scheduled, as well as the day of, so parents can be prepared. Also, if there is a last-minute change to the dismissal time, a notification can be sent out immediately so parents can adjust their plans accordingly.

#3: School Closures

For whatever reason, there are always occasions when schools have to close unexpectedly. This could be due to weather, a power outage, or other unforeseen circumstances. Schools can quickly and easily let parents know about the closure by using a notification system.

#4: Testing Dates

With standardized testing becoming more common, parents need to know when their children will be taking tests. A mobile notification can remind parents a few days before the test date to ensure their child is prepared. The notification can also include information such as where to go and when the test will take place.

#5: Field Trip Forms

Field trips are a great way for students to learn outside the classroom. But they can also be a logistical nightmare for teachers. A notification can be sent out to remind parents to fill out and return the necessary forms. The notification should include information on where to find the forms and when they’re due.

#6: Teacher professional development days

Most schools have at least a few days each year where teachers are out for professional development. This can often be a surprise for parents who have to make last-minute arrangements for their children. By notifying parents, schools can inform parents well in advance when these days will be taking place.

#7: School events

There are always a lot of school events taking place, from sporting events to concerts to performances. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for parents to track all the dates and times. A mobile notification can help by sending out reminders for upcoming events. The message sent to parents can include information such as the date, time, and location of the event.

#8: Parent-teacher conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are a crucial part of the school year. They’re an opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s teacher and get an update on how they’re doing in school. Schools can send out notifications about the times and locations of the conferences. The message sent out should also include a link to sign up for a time slot.

Mobile notifications are the best way for schools to communicate with parents. They’re quick, easy, and convenient. And they can be used for a variety of different purposes. So if your school is looking for a way to improve communication, mobile notifications are the way to go.

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