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Online, Fully-Customized Transcripts and Report Cards for Schools – From SchoolCues, the Intelligent School Information Management System

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Customized transcripts report cards for schools

Custom school report cards and transcripts from SchoolCues

A web-based school administration system which makes it both easy and affordable to generate online school report cards and transcripts is a boon for school administration. Most school administrators are strapped for time and an online system, like the one from SchoolCues, to generate transcripts and report cards is a perfect answer.

Such a school administration software system allows teachers to record and parents, who want to stay involved with their children's education, to monitor academic progress. This budget-friendly system allows for the collection of not just grades, but comments from teachers and parents, and includes the tracking of attendance.

Whether it is report cards or transcripts which need to be emailed or printed, the data is consolidated and customized. Teachers of subjects as varied as Math and Social Studies may have specific comments which can be included in these report cards as well.

Consolidated transcripts and report cards from the SchoolCues

High school transcripts are particularly important for college bound students who need multiple transcripts for college applications. These are easily generated with the SchoolCues school administration software. For transfer students, transcripts and past grades are important for placement in a new school. Again, SchoolCues' flexible system makes these accessible and available.

Transcripts contain grades from several years and help track a student's academic journey. This is important for all students, particularly for high school and transfer students where their complete academic performance is charted.

No matter what age the student or what grade they are in, online report cards from SchoolCues are flexible, easy-to-use and highly configurable; a gift to small and medium-sized schools with a small staff.

Benefits of SchoolCues Generated Transcripts and Report Cards
  • Free Standard School Report Cards
  • Report Cards Can be Customized
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Generate
  • Individual Student Grades and Grades/Performance of Whole Class
  • Letter Grades, Percentages, Number Grades, Weighted Averages
  • Attractive options for logos, colors and formats.

Consolidated transcripts and report cards

SchoolCues is the premier online school management system for small schools that's effective in engaging parents. It is your one-stop school management system; a student information system that offers integrated admissions, enrollment, parent engagement system, school administration system, online payment and billing, and a built-in text messaging system.

SchoolCues is a powerful online school management system that offers everything a small school would need to communicate, manage student information and engage parents from gradebooks to transcripts and more. It's a school management system like no other, one that parents find valuable to access via the mobile app which integrates with the online student information management system.

For more information, or to integrate this intelligent online student management software and to increase parental engagement in this mobile age, visit the SchoolCues website at www.schoolcues.com.