Payment and Tuition Management Solutions Simplified for Small Schools

Simplified Payment with our Intelligent School Tuition and Payments Solution

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Online School Payment Features

An Efficient, Robust School Payment Software

Payment Solutions for Small Schools
Easy Tuition Management

Easy Tuition Management

Handle your tuition plan with ease, including late payment fees

Cash Credit ACH Card

ACH, Credit card, Cash and Check

Multiple payment methods for flexibility

Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks integration

For all your bookkeeping needs

Dibling Discounts

One-Time, Recurring Payments, & Auto-Pay

Manage various payments, including afterschool programs and activities

Credit Payments

Over and Under Payments

Make your payment system more flexible for the parents

Payment Statements

Payment Reports and Tax Statements

Print out reports and statements with just one click!

School Transaction made Easy by Schoolcues

The School Payment Challenges for Parents

School administrators often face the daily problem of communicating with parents regarding their pending, upcoming and future payments. Small unpaid fees begin to build up and parents are often too busy to even notice whats on their ToDO list. This ends up costing schools several hours of extra work and unpaid bills in tuition, activities fees, field trips and lunch fees etc. Gone are the days of unwatched lunch accounts and checks quickly written before your kid runs out the door. With so many disparate payment items, which can quickly become cumbersome to manage, it can be hard to keep track of the really important stuff, like pending tuition payments, a field trip due, or an empty school lunch account.

Making school payments online with a high-quality school payment software and payment management system helps parents better organize and meet fee deadlines. And it helps schools save countless manual hours of extra work and bookkeeping

The School Payment Solution that Increases Parental Engagement

Our intelligent Tuition Management Softwarecan make life much easier for parents and school administrators alike. With an all-in-one solution, Schoolcues offers an easy to use integrated payment system to help parents better organize and meet fee deadlines. It is extremely helpful for parents who have difficulty keeping track of multiple payment dates, or who are unable to make payments in person due to travel or other commitments.

In addition, our school payment system is designed to make paying fees easier, faster, and more secure. Parents and teachers can both benefit from our online payment processing system. They can keep track of tuition fees, activity fees, registration fees, transportation, and other miscellaneous fees throughout the school year. SchoolCues offers multiple payment options for parents to create their own individual payment plans for the year. Using the SchoolCues online payment system, schools can set up different categories to pay tuition, event, donation, and activity fees on their own customized payment frequency. No need to pull out the old calculator to crunch numbers or dig out a checkbook you haven’t used in months. The SchoolCues easy-to-use interface helps manage your daily and monthly billing statements and tuition dues online and is easy to use.

SchoolCues payments are linked to the student account showing real-time balances and invoices and eliminating the need for parents to call or visit your school in search of information. Our convenient school tuition management software and payment processing solution ensure that your students never miss a beat because of missed payments, whether it’s for tuition or enrollment or a field trip or a pizza lunch, or a school play. We do it all.

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Benefits of our School Tuition Billing Software

There are many benefits of using our quality school tuition management system. For starters, it can make paying fees easier and more efficient. Parents can set up automatic payments and receive reminders of when fees are due, ensuring that they don’t miss any deadlines. This can save parents time and money, as they won’t have to worry about having to pay late fees or other penalties. Additionally, tuition payment software can provide parents with a centralized place to view all of their payments in one place. This can help them stay organized, and also make it easier for them to keep track of which activity fees have been paid and which still need to be paid.

The intelligent payment solution from SchoolCues comes with several valuable features and benefits which help schools with payment processing services and manage payments more efficiently.

Core Benefits

  • Setting up different payment types
    1. One time & recurring payments
    2. Mandatory, Optional and At-will/Anytime Payments
    3. Tuition, Enrollment & Miscellaneous payments
    4. Cash, Check, ACH & Credit card payments
  • Include charge types and back end payments
  • Create account codes for book-keeping
  • Manage refunds, over & underpayments
  • Apply sibling & family discounts
  • Assign payments / reminders at different levels
  • Integrate to QuickBooks
  • Generate payment reports and tax statements
  • Send automatic reminders
  • Manage Late Payments with and without grace period
  • Generate powerful bookkeeping reports

Schoolcues all-in-one payment app makes it easier than ever for schools to manage payments and offers an easy-to-use dashboard. Still, have a question? Let us Talk!

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Why SchoolCues?

Parents and small schools need a one-stop school management system with an integrated online payment and billing system to help manage school payments. A simple, effective and low-cost method to handle payments will allow schools to better educate young minds.

SchoolCues is the premier billing management software for small schools, with smart tuition and miscellaneous school payment solutions for Montessori schools, Independent schools, Christian schools, Charter schools, and more that is effective in engaging parents.

About SchoolCues

SchoolCues is an all in one school management system which offers a simple and powerful paperless school payment solution with integrated Sign Ups and RSVPs, Parent Conference Scheduler, school communications and student information system that allows schools to manage student data and records and easily produce different reports in just a few seconds.

For more information to integrate this intelligent online school payment system and increase parental engagement by simplifying your school payments, visit the SchoolCues website at