Low-Cost School Website Design Services for Small Schools

Responsive school web design for small schools with limited budgets and resources

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School Website Design

The Ideal Website for Your School To Increase Traffic and Drive Enrollment

Need a website for your school or an upgraded website that is easier to navigate with the right features? Look no further than SchoolCues for all of your school web design needs. Our low-cost custom school website design services include hosting, layout and design, SEO, and maintenance as well as upgrades. We design, build, maintain, and support websites for schools with Kindergarten, Primary, Elementary, Middle, and High School programs.

Not a tech-savvy school? No problem! We take care of the entire website development process for you including maintenance and upgrades. You do not have to spend time training your teachers and staff to make edits to your website anymore!

Our Process

Understanding Your Needs and Goals: You tell us what you wish to accomplish with your brand new website. We combine your goals and vision with our expertise to bring you outstanding results.

Layout and Design: We create the perfect layout with an easy interface based on your vision. Choose from our numerous design templates, and we customize to fit your needs and wants. SchoolCues can also create the perfect logo for your school, if you do not already have one, or if you want your current logo upgraded.

Writing Content: You advise us on what type of content you want on your site, as well as any specific keywords, phrases and sentences, and we write it for you! You can also provide any specific images and graphics you want to see on your site.

School Website Development: We develop your custom low-cost website and add in the content that you have already confirmed. This is also where we add in your provided images and graphics.

Testing: One of the most crucial steps, our experts test your newly-developed school website for any bugs and make sure it runs smoothly on all devices including web and mobile.

Deployment, Maintenance, and Support: Providing low-cost deployment services and further maintenance as needed. It doesn’t just end after deployment! Every time you need to update your website, you can send in the new content and/or any edits, and we can take care of it for you.

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About SchoolCues

SchoolCues is one of the leading school website design companies specifically catered towards small schools including Montessori, Christian, Episcopal, Charter, Private, Islamic, Independent, Waldorf, Lutheran, and Catholic schools. We also proudly serve online schools, homeschools, micro-schools, early childhood schools. Our employees have over 30+ years of school website development experience and can increase your school’s online presence with responsive education web design and deployment. Contact us today to learn more!