Online Tuition Management System for Small Schools

Simplify school tuition management with an integrated payments solution

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Tuition Management

Setting up and collecting tuition payments has never been easier. With SchoolCues’ online tuition management system, small schools are able to set up even the most complex payment structures with ease. Parents are happy as well since making tuition payments is no longer a hassle. There is little training needed for parents to be able to navigate the SchoolCues portal to pay dues. Administrators can better track and manage the tuition payments made to the school, and can print customized reports anytime, anywhere.

Online Tuition Management System Features

Our online tuition management system comes with an array of features to simplify the tuition process:

  • Easily accessible and intuitive tuition solution: Access anytime, anywhere through both mobile and web
  • Convenient online account access: Easily create and review pending charges, receive payments instantly, reconcile accounts, and product reports
  • Electronic invoicing: Deliver electronic invoices and receive payments
  • Different payment options: ACH, credit card, cash, and check payments
  • Late payment options: Set up late payments in just seconds
  • Sibling discounts: Set up complex siblings discounts with ease
  • Mobile payments for schools: Pay from your phone! Fast, easy, and convenient
  • Itemized fees for tuition and other optional expenses: Through the payments module, you can set up tuition payments, non-tuition subscription payments, one-time, and shopping cart payments
  • Flexible payment plan options: Pay in full, by semester, monthly, or custom plans
  • One time payments: Option to set up one-time payments such as field trip fees, one-time event fees etc.
  • Subscription payments: Set up recurring payments such as regular tuition fees
  • Auto-Pay: Allow parents to enroll in auto-pay for tuition and subscription charges

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About SchoolCues

SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management system specifically catered towards small schools, including Montessori, Charter, Christian, Lutheran, Waldorf, Independent, Private, Episcopal, Islamic, Catholic, and other small schools. We offer a wide range of useful features and modules to help teachers and administrators simplify their daily school operations.