Tuition Payments Do Not Have To Be Difficult Anymore

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Tuition Payments

Are you a small school struggling to manage your students’ tuition payments? Wishing there was an easier and paperless way to streamline the payment process? You may want to start using an online school tuition management solution to solve all of your school’s issues with both setting up and receiving payments. A good payment system allows not only the school to deal with payments more easily but also the parents.

Why Tuition Payments Are Becoming Cumbersome for Your School

In a post pandemic era, the benefits of cashless transactions for small schools far outweigh the excessive costs involved with physical transactions. Think about how much paper is being wasted with paper invoices being printed out and sent. For check payments, you have to wait for a check to show up, then you deposit it, and wait some more for the funds to clear. With limited resources, the whole process is too time-consuming and difficult with the busy schedules that school administrators have. Not only that, the parents are wanting several different payment options. The challenges associated with manual payments are many...

With Online Tuition Payments, You Can Benefit From the Following:

  • Set up multiple payment options: There is nothing more frustrating for the parents than only having one or two payment options. Now you can offer more than that. Parents can pay using ACH, cash, check, or credit card. Believe us, you will make the parents very happy with this one.
  • Automatic reminders: A persistent issue for schools in the payment process is the need to constantly remind parents to make payments. When you are extremely busy, you sometimes forget to send out reminders which can really irritate the parents. If you have experienced this in the past, automatic reminders is the way to go.
  • Offer sibling and family discounts: A number of schools like to offer sibling and family discounts but the problem is that there are not too many softwares in the market to handle these discounts properly. With our solution, including such discounts in your tuition plan is a piece of cake.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks: We integrate with one of the leading accounting software to easily record all payments in one place.
  • Flexibility with one-time and recurring payments: SchoolCues has different sections for one-time and for recurring payments. For tuition, the best way to go about it would obviously be recurring payments, although you are allowed to add these charges to one-time payments. Separating the two types of payments makes navigation a lot easier for both the school administrators and the parents.

Start Using an Affordable School Tuition Management Solution for Your School

SchoolCues can make payments for tuition as easy as a few clicks to both pay and receive. You never have to waste your time and money with manual payments again. Go smart and go paperless with the leading software for school tuition.

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About SchoolCues

SchoolCues is the leading low-cost all-in-one school management system for small schools. Our software has been serving small schools for over 10 years, and we have helped Montessori, Private, Charter, Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Independent, Islamic and Waldorf schools manage their small school with ease.

Paperless and online, our affordable solution offers several modules including:

Admissions and Enrollment
  • Online enquiries forms
  • Custom forms
  • Online re-enrollment
  • Admissions reports
  • Campus tours
  • Contracts
Online Payment Solutions
  • Various payment options (ACH, credit card, cash and check)
  • One-time and recurring payments
  • Tuition and miscellaneous payments
  • Sibling and family discounts
  • Mobile payments and reminders
  • Payment reports and tax statements
Student Information System
  • Contact lists
  • Emergency contacts and pick-ups
  • Student health data
  • Picture/video permissions
  • Parent handbooks
  • Student dashboard and directory
  • Custom reports
  • Easy set up
  • Efficient recording of grades and assignments
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Multiple grading and reporting formats
Communications/Parent Engagement
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • School calendar
  • Audio/video communications
  • COVID-19 screening
  • Absentee forms
  • Permission forms
  • Gold slips
  • Tardy forms
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Text alerts

The schools market is currently experiencing an upheaval. Thousands of schools are shifting to a hybrid or online environment due to the current crisis. We provide low-cost solutions for small schools to simplify their school administration. Our powerful and easy-to-use modules simplify all-in-one paperless school administration through the use of web, mobile, email, and text.

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