Introducing the Electronic COVID Screening App to Make Small Schools Safer

The first COVID screening app of its kind for small schools

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Electronic COVID Screening

It can be scary going back to school during an ongoing pandemic. Schools need to be extra careful with not letting sick students stay on campus until they get better. Even while applying social distancing practices in classrooms, there are so many ways the virus can spread even if one person has it. Parents are getting worried about sending their children to school during these unpredictable times.

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COVID Forms to Ensure Your School’s Safety

The solution to this unrest is for schools to receive a daily report of each student’s health condition. We can make this happen for your school by directly providing a convenient COVID screening app for schools This will allow schools to easily generate reports and flag students who have marked their symptoms. We understand that school administrators and teachers have a lot going on every day, and we want to help ease the burden on your shoulders by helping you incorporate a better system of tracking potentially sick students.

Ease of Filling Out the Form - Takes Only a Minute!

We make life easier for the parents and the school. This form saves the parent time and keeps the process paperless, while making it easy for schools to generate and track reports. We live on the belief that school systems should be simplified, and schools need to reduce their operation costs and simplify the process for the parents to submit information electronically in a mobile world.

Once they submit the form, the school administrators will determine if the child should stay on campus or go home until they are better for a specified amount of time. We leave it to the school to instruct the students on what to do next. It’s really that simple!

Accessibility of the Form

Parents will be able to access the COVID form from their computer or any mobile device as the form will also be available on our SchoolCues’ COVID screening app for small schools. We provide flexibility in accessing the form so parents can fill it out anywhere, anytime!

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COVID form

School Admins and Teachers

Work Becomes Easier for School Admins and Teachers

Let us assure you that you will not have to go through each student’s form daily to see if any question is marked ‘yes’. Our system will automatically inform you ONLY if a parent marked ‘yes’ on any question or didn’t fill it out at all by a certain time. That way, you will only have to focus on those specific children and decide what to do next.

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About SchoolCues

SchoolCues is a low cost all-in-one school management system designed to help school administrators and teachers simplify the process of running their small school. Our system can be used by various types of small schools including Montessori, Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Islamic, Charter, Private, Independent, and Waldorf schools. We offer several modules to help small schools stay organized and go paperless. Our modules include: admissions and enrollment, online payments, student information system, gradebook, communications, and alumni management.

For more information on integrating our affordable school system to help simplify your school and increase parental engagement, please visit our homepage.