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Intelligent School Management Software for Small Schools

SchoolCues is a school management software solution with an integrated web and mobile interface. This all-in-one solution is designed for small schools to simplify school management and administration from one place. SchoolCues is ideal for schools with limited resources, infrastructure and budgets having to simplify and manage the parent audience in the mobile generation.

  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Training Fee
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Support Fee
  • Unlimited Training
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Easy Set Up
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Mobile App for Parents

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Intelligent School Management software for Small Schools

SchoolCues features an array of powerful modules

The different modules in this school management software solution integrate school admissions and enrollment, school communications, parent engagement, student information system, online payments, and school alumni management.


    A simple interface to send unlimited group and individual text alerts in just a few seconds

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  • Newsletters

    School newsletter facilitates quick and easy information delivery through an efficient contact list

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  • Announcements

    A conveniently designed Announcement module that is integrated with the Newsletters and allows teachers

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  • Contact Lists

    Allows administrators and teachers to create dynamic Contact Lists for mass outreach at a school level

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  • Incident Reports

    Makes it easy for the teacher and the administrator to create and send reports and track parent acknowledgement

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  • Permission Slips

    Permission Slips are of three kinds that can be sent to parents to fill out online: Absentee Slips, Tardy Slips

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  • RSVP & Sign Up

    Helps the teacher create a quick and easy custom RSVP and Sign up form online that is sent to the parents

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  • Sign Up

    Allows the easy creation of sign up lists using simple wizards, for the parents to sign up and send confirmations

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  • Attendance

    Easily track school attendance information for students at different grade levels.

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  • Daily Report

    Daily Reports for Infants and Toddlers and for K-8 to keep the parent updated every day.

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  • Homework

    Teachers can easily send the home works directly into the inbox of the parents.

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  • Auto Reminders

    Send automatic reminders and notifications via email and the mobile app, on or before a due date for a school

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  • Gradebook

    School administrators manage students, classes, schedules, attendance, and custom data

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  • Security & Privacy

    SchoolCues offers the highest level of web security for its users which includes among its core features the following:

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Powerful Features at an Affordable Price for Small Schools on a Budget

SchoolCues is an easy to use school management software solution for small schools that offers several commonly used features to simplify school administration. All of it included at an affordable price for small schools on a budget. There are modules for administrators, modules for teachers and a convenient portal and a mobile app for parents.

As low as $ 75.00 per month for a 12-month school year

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We work with some great schools who are open to innovative ideas - partner with smart administrators and teachers – collaborate with passionate parents and - deliver results that help small schools succeed – by making a difference. Here is a small sampling of them ...
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